about TALF

The Abundant Life Foundation it’s a Christian non profit charity organisation supporting charities focusing in Global social justice and human rights . Reaching out children’s and young people in order to influence, impact and empower them , so that they can have abundant life, full of potential and opportunities, improving their living condition. Guiding them to be surrounded by loving local community . Trough our projects we supports our partners in local councils, organisations, charities in the UK, Europe and Worldwide . Organising variety of creative educative programmes , activities, events . Bringing economical support , advice and training. Our keys areas are :

Disadvantaged children, youth, women , mainly victims from domestic violence, abandoned, neglected, living in poverty or/and trapped in sexual exploitation, violent relationships / marriages ;

Nations builders , emerging Talent scouting , empowerment , development, showcasing and cultural international exchange, we believe that is very important to support those with unique talents,skills so that they can be prepared and trained to shine and be successful in the professional industry globally ;

Faith, bringing hope , light in people lives spreading the word of God , showing Christ’s love by example and guide them to have personal relationship with their heavenly Father, supporting missionaries with significant causes.


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